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The time is now to live a fulfilling and quality life. I'm so glad you found your way here.
Inner Peace and Freedom can be a few short sessions away.


I acknowledge it takes alot of pain and  courage to get to this point

I would love to hear what your needs are and the outcome you seek.  Coaching with me is all about YOU. 

Working together you will:

Get clear about what you want to achieve

Understand what motivates you on a deep level, and how to feel fulfilled

Gain confidence to use your inbuilt abilities to move forward

Increase your awareness of what makes you tick as a unique individual

Release old patterns to experience inner peace and freedom from the past

Release invisible internal barriers to achieving success

Discover your ability to control your moment to moment state

Receive support and encouragement as an equal on your journey

What now?

I invite you to book your complimentary 45min discovery call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to share your needs and expectations.  This is a no obligation introduction to establishing how we might work together towards your outcome. 

Packages with Jenny

$ 1,899

From Stuck to Thriving package - most popular

Jenny Malcolm-B9999546.jpg

Together over 9 x 1.5 hour sessions you will:

Get Clear on WHAT you want to achieve in the next stage of life,

Discover your unique motivational drivers, your unique WHY's.

Understand reactions to others', and make everyday tasks fulfilling

Uncovering your skills, abilities and preferences to focus these on your WHAT.

Understand & learn how to manage your internal state to respond appropriately to life situations.  You will in turn understand other's better.

Learn new techniques to remove and release limiting beliefs and barriers to success

Go forward with confidence knowing what you want and why

Receive support and accountability during the facilitation of your progress

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