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Signs of Mid Life Stuck


From one who has been there

Do you find yourself asking and noticing:

Who am I and why and I here?
Where do I belong now?  I feel lost.

I don't know what to do with the rest of my life.

I feel like I am no longer productive.
I feel like I'm standing still - stuck.   Nothing is clear.
Everyone else is successful, what's wrong with me?
I feel overwhelmed.   I overthink everything.   
I don't care anymore and feel judged by others'.
I find no enjoyment in life anymore.
I've lost my confidence, in what I was trained in.
I feel I have no value or purpose, even if I once did.

I feel isolated and alone and withdraw from social events.
Life is passing me by, and I feel like I'm just existing.
I want to do something meaningful but don't know what.
My relationship with my partner has changed.
This is not how my life was supposed to be.

Its a painful place to be especially when you know you are smart and capable
And the truth is - you still are smart and capable.
You've just temporarily lost your way
You are not broken and you don't need fixing
Let me help you get back into a Life you Love
Working on Flower Arrangements

What an Opportunity

The exciting thing about mid life crisis is it wakes you up to wanting more.

What an opportunity to now design your life in the second half, focused around YOU and what smokes your tires.

With kids successfully raised and on their own way in the world, now it's TIME FOR YOU

Who Knows what awaits you?

A group of women at a business meeting

Are you ready to understand yourself on a really deep level?

Vintage Compass

Core Values

Uncover what is most important to YOU on a deep level. 

Core Values are and always have been,  YOUR  

personal motivational drivers.

Movie set with director

Strengths and interests

Lets dive deep into the things that you are good at and enjoy doing that you are not even aware of.  You now have life experience to draw on that you didn't have 20yrs ago.

Direction Signs

Direction and Purpose

Lets hone in on what you would actually like to do with the rest of your life.    YOUR Life. 

You have a clean canvas on which to create.

Life is designed to be Simple.

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Branch of Flowers
Each new stage of life
brings change.
And with it,  Inner growth.

Welcome the next chapter of your precious life as an adventure.

The pages will continue to turn whether you want them to or not.
Lets get busy living.


Life is not a destination to get to. Life is Your journey. 
Ride the train with the windows open and the curtains flung wide,
stopping at all the stations along the way.                 
Jenny Malcolm

Lets get you back into Living your best life


"My sessions with Jenny, have been absolutely game changing!

I feel like I reflect weekly if not daily on what I learned about myself, and what's really deeply important to me.

You should see her!

I had no idea mid life lostness was a thing - but is so a thing!!  "

Nicola - Rural Professional

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