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Ask me to speak to your group

I love to share the understanding of how our human experience actually works and relish any opportunity to do so.

Engaging and interactive is the way we learn.  Sharing stories and hearing something that resonates is always exciting to me. 

I love to hear  what questions and comments individuals have during a presentation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques has a cool effect with a group in lowering cortisol levels by nearly double, according to the research.  .

Chocolate craving demonstrations is a favourite request by groups, with participants often telling me months later that they haven't eaten chocolate since .

No number too big or small.

Tell me what you would like to hear and I can tailor the presentation to meet the needs of your group.



We recently held a retreat for 6 women, all aged around 40 years.

Jenny truly engaged these women with her storytelling and the hands on experience of tapping.

I have also experienced Jenny’s skills as an individual.

2022, try something new!   Its truly magical.

Gloria - Grandmother

I attended a Leading Voice workshop.  Over the one and a half days Jenny, in a professional, passionate, confident, supportive and calm manner, guided and taught our group of ladies various leadership and communication skills. These skills ranged from how to easily remember names of strangers in a short space of time to speech crafting.  Until then I never thought writing a speech about an unknown object in less than an hour is possible. Jenny was able to give the 25 women the confidence to do this and to present our speeches later the day.   It is now three years later and I still remember the main thrust and content of the workshop like yesterday, which to me is testimony to her outstanding ability and the impression she made on attendees.  If you are looking for someone with an outstanding personality and coaching ability I wholeheartedly recommend Jenny as an inspiring speaker, communicator and leadership coach.

Cornel - Regulatory manager




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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