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Nervous trepidation transformed to grateful in one session

I’m Weird and nervous trepidation, transforms to grateful in one session

Ive been doing EFT workshops for a couple of years now and while the audience size has been usually quite small, I have felt confident in what I am speaking about. Recently I gave an impromptu talk to a group that were reluctant to engage with me in a tapping experience and the feedback was minimal when I asked them to indicate how much the tapping experience had changed their level of stress. I logically convinced myself that maybe they were too scared to say that this weird technique had any effect, in a large group setting and weighted heavily with older men. When asked to present to a group of health practitioners the next week, I noticed an underlying feeling of trepidation the morning of the talk and realized it could affect my delivery so decided to tap on it. The tapping process took me to places in my past that I would have never made a connection to – I simply trusted what came up and followed it to its natural conclusion – WOW the mind body are sooo amazing. So here is how it went.

My intention statement started with, Even though Im feeling nervous and trepidation because EFT is weird, I deeply and completely accept myself, Nervous and trepidation became the reminder statements as I tapped through the points, until I felt calmer and new thoughts pushed their way in. It turned into “Even though I’m weird….

Then it turned into Even though people are laughing at me behind my back, laughing about me,……, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway. Many memories from body adult life and childhood came up. The reminder statements as I tapped the points on several rounds, was “ laughing at me, laughing about me.

This led into thinking “ Im not included, Im isolated, Im cast out, not accepted, and up came memories of being different and not included by peers right through life starting at primary school when I had a handbag for a schoolbag, didn’t have a bought lunch like the other kids, wore 2nd hand clothes etc

Many rounds of tapping to bring this charge down as I cried as I stated “not included, isolated, cast out, not accepted – very recent events were part of this too.

Then as that thinking cleared, a new thought screamed, “I’m not normal” at which point I realized this felt quite a big issue in my body so I went back to a set up statement, Even though I’m not normal, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

After a few rounds, my mind body rebelled as the amygdala calmed, and dished up situations that proved that this is not true! AND THEN the beautiful cognitive shift!

The realization that my life has been a whole list of “not normals “ AND Im ok with that – infact I’m so grateful for choosing farming from a young age when it was a male occupation at the time, for being one of only 3 girls in a class of 70 at university, for getting my heavy traffic license while pregnant with our second child, for carrying and giving birth to a disabled baby, for having identical twins, (5 children in 4 yrs), for wanting more university qualifications and to start a new career mid-life rather than retire early, For becoming an NLP practitioner, For becoming an EFT practitioner, for undertaking psychedelic research, for enrolling in a 10d Vipassana meditation retreat in my mid 50’s, for making a stand on my own self care and happiness.

I am so grateful for all of these “weird, not normal” leanings because they are what has given me a rich and varied experience of life so far – and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have a deep knowing that I am accepting of my weirdness and actually embrace it as who I am, and that’s ok!!

The tapping process allowed me to get to this place of acceptance of me and my weirdness in a way that no longer has an emotional charge.

Before I tapped, my mind could make logical sense of it, but there was a discomfort when I thought or talked about it, because of all the difficult memories that were associated with this weird concept and what it meant to me (rooted in my child mind) – isolated, cast out, ie not safe. I felt that discomfort in my body everytime I thought about it. (I feel my own thinking).

Tapping as I made all of these realisations, associations and connections with old memories, calmed the brain’s smoke alarm (amygdala) simultaneously resulting in desensitation to danger. Yae!!

Bring it on! I’m weird and that’s ok with me, deep inside.

When I relate this to my presentation about EFT, again there is a deep knowing that this is a powerful tool that changes lives and I’m excited to be bringing this to people to consider. Its not up to me to do anything other than share the information. I accept some people are not ready to believe me or the tool and that’s ok. And for the people who are – how grateful that I can help them on their journey in some way

I love this self empowering Emotional Freedom Techniques tool, that's weird and really works.

Evidence based EFT fast, mobile, effective and it lasts.

Jenny Malcolm - Dunedin

Mind & Body Wellbeing Coach/EFT Practitioner









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