Mary connects the artistic dots - Core Values in everyday life

Updated: Apr 4

Mary came to me frustrated at the amount of time she thought she was wasting in the weekends.

During the week she felt inspired to do something she enjoyed for herself and imagined her weekends full of these relaxing and enjoyable activities. However when the weekend rolled around she found herself filling in time doing silly trivial things that felt unproductive and non-sensical by the end of the weekend.

Mary had gone into town during the week during her lunch hour and purchased expensive paints and canvas’s to start her artistic works which she was so looking forward to undertaking in the weekends. And yet 3 months later the expensive fancy paints lay still in their wrapper with not a stroke on the canvas to show for the good intentions.

Mary couldn’t work out what the barrier was to getting underway with what she knew in the past she had loved to do.

When we talked about how she visualized the painting happening, she said she had a special room down the other end of the house that felt dissociated from where her husband and family were spending their time.

Then the penny dropped that in the past she had enjoyed painting when she had taken an art class and also when she had invited others’ around to her house or gone to theirs’ to do the painting. It transpired very quickly that the block was to do with her top Core Value of Connection. We had previously undertaken a Core Values session to uncover what was most important to her in life on a deep emotional level.

Mary’s memories of enjoying art so much had always involved the Connection with others’, so of course painting on her own and in her words “being dissociated “ at the other end of the house, was never going to motivate the artistic joy she sought.

Mary immediately set about researching what art classes were available in her area, full of renewed enthusiasm knowing that Connection was indeed the key to achieving her weekend artistic outlet.

By Jenny Malcolm

Mind & Body

Wellness Coach

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