A song to vomit to - The workings of the mindbody connection

Updated: Apr 4

Sarah shared this story of her experience of the power of the mind/body connection, during a tapping EFT session.

Sarah was having chemo therapy. She generally turned up for the treatment and read a magazine for the duration or just sat quietly, pleased to have some time to herself.

One particular day there were no fresh magazines and her husband had just loaded a song onto her phone which she had not listened to yet. She decided to use this time to listen to this reasonably long and pleasant song, She ended up playing it on repeat for the duration of her treatment that day.

It was the only time she played music over the course of her treatments and the only song she played that particular day.

Months later Sarah was travelling in the car with her husband excited to be on holiday. All of a sudden she felt a wave of nausea wash over her and asked her husband to pull over quickly. He pulled over, turned off the car and waited for Sarah to do what she needed to do. As soon as Sarah got out of the car, she felt better, the nausea vanished. She got back in and they prepared to continue their journey.

Her husband started the car and pulled out onto the road again, Sarah felt the nausea return and a km up the road asked her husband again to urgently pull over. Again her husband pulled to the side and stopped the car as Sarah got out, the nausea rising to a crescendo. As soon as she stood up beside the car, the nausea vanished and Sarah felt her body calm back to normal again.

This was frustrating and curious for Sarah as she searched her mind for what could be going on and what she might have eaten to be causing this feeling.

Sarah opened the car door and sat back in the seat next to her husband as he started the car again and prepared to pull out onto the road.

It was at this point that Sarah became aware of the song playing on the radio, as the feeling to vomit returned.

She turned the radio off and the feeling disappeared!

This is a great example of the powerful mind/body connection. Of the mind body system storing an experience with all the senses including audio and taste. Next time the aspects of the original experience came into her environment, the matching emotions and chemical cascade arose to, remind Sarah - always with best intention - watch out, last time we heard this song, you felt this way. This occurs because our brain is a biological pattern detecting machine, designed to keep us safe. It without judgement or analysis as to whether this is in fact a dangerous pattern or one that we need to be reminded of.

This explains why people get “triggered” but don’t always know why.

Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT) calm the amygdala so that the subconscious can be accessed and the root cause found. I see this frequently with clients who have a problem and their logical mind cant phathom it out.

By Jenny Malcolm

Mind & Body

Wellbeing Coach

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