Taking care of your Mental and Emotional Well Being

It is our True Nature to move towards a good feeling

When our Mind & Body are well, anything is possible

Finding that good feeling state

" I credit my sessions with Jenny, for being pivotal in helping me understand who I am and what makes me tick.  I have made much better life choices and am extremely grateful for Jenny's time and expertise."
Gary - Teaching professional

Welcome.  I'm Jenny and I'm so glad you're here.


You may have noticed that we only ever want to HAVE

or DO anything in life because of how it makes us feel.


My whole life I have been a self help seeker - looking and searching to improve, to fix, to be better, to feel better.  This often caused me to suffer.

Life didn't always go the way I planned.  I thought I needed to try harder.  I kept  looking for the magic pill, magic way, magic job, magic feeling.    When I get, have, do .......... THEN I will feel better. 

Which I often did, temporarily.

Achieving big goals in mid life left me feeling flat, unmotivated and lacking purpose.  This was not how MY life was supposed to be.

I blamed my habits and past which seemed to follow me around.


I am grateful that my life challenges and searching, has led me to an understanding of how the human experience works.    A simple misunderstanding, that I now share to make a difference to the quality of the life of others'.  What I didn't realise was I (and YOU) already have everything we need, to feel good, anytime, anywhere.

No one is broken. There is nothing to fix. There is no where to get to.

Id love to help you see beyond the problem and find your way back to your good feeling state, that's our default setting, always there when we know where to look.

I absolutely love to help smart capable individuals like you, remove the invisible barriers to a better quality life.


How I can help

Because I recognise that we are different AND the same, I aim to meet you where YOU are at.

From there we can explore what is the best way to help you see past your individual blocks

Whether that be in coaching conversations or Emotional Freedom Techniques,

I share a simple misunderstanding that will help you see past your problem & the invisible barriers,  to a better quality life.

The truth about stress

A simple misunderstanding

Stress has traditionally been seen as mental or physical discomfort caused by the body's reaction to stimulus.


What if this is a simple misunderstanding and that stress is not the problem that you think.

Let me share the simple yet profound

 Inside Out Understanding .

Mid Life Crisis


This is not where I expected to be

In life there is no manual.

We grow and create expectations of what life should be like. Who we should be.  What we should achieve.  And when life looks different to our expectations, we blame ourselves, others'.  We start to ask some big questions.  Is this all there is?  Who am I and where do I belong?

I too know, its an uncomfortable place to be.  

Let me help you see there is in fact more to life for you. 

Coaching through stuck thinking


My sessions with Jenny, have been absolutely game changing!

I feel like I reflect weekly if not daily on what I learned about myself, and what's really deeply important to me.

You should see her!

PS: I had no idea mid life lostness was a thing - but is so a thing!!

Nicola - Rural Professional

Seth Burton

Helping you remove the invisible barriers to a better quality life

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